RFMS Graduation Requirements

Grade 8 Promotion Criteria...In order to be promoted they must have:
Overall passing grade in every class (cumulative/final grade will be used for this measure)*


The following criteria must be met in order for a Grade 8 Rock Falls Middle School student to participate in our annual promotion ceremony:

  1. Students must have a cumulative passing grade in each of the core subject areas mentioned above.  (A cumulative grade is the overall grade after averaging each quarter grade.)
  2. Students cannot have any significant behavioral issues that have impacted their learning or the learning of others with these incidents (suspensions or expulsions involving threats, weapons, drugs, or physical assault with intent to harm) being reviewed and ruled upon by administration.
  3. Students must meet attendance criteria (All students with an attendance rate under 90% will be reviewed with excused/unexcused absences both being considered) as determined by administration.


*Eligibility for Promotion to the Next Grade Level*

Students are required to pass all core classes (ELA/Math/Science/Social Studies/P.E.) in order to proceed to the next grade level.  Students who have a cumulative grade of an F in any of the core subject areas will be required to participate and successfully complete a Summer Credit Recovery Program in order to be promoted to the next grade level here at RFMS.  Students who do not meet the criteria established through the summer program will be reviewed and recommended for retention of the class and/or grade.