Message from the Superintendent

The Superintendent’s office is responsible for overseeing the efficient operation of Rock Falls Elementary School District #13. The Superintendent is the district’s executive officer and is responsible for the administration and management of the district schools in accordance with Board of Education policies, directives, and state and federal law.

Dear RFSD Parents and Families,

As the Superintendent of Rock Falls Elementary School District #13, I am proud and honored to be the leader of a school district that’s motto is “Educating Our Future”. We believe in this motto because we recognize that today’s students are the workforce, leaders, and community members of tomorrow. With that in mind, we take great pride in helping each and every student to become the one that they dream they can be.  We invite you to search through our website. It is our hope that you are able to learn a great deal about
our schools that we take great pride in through these web pages.
Dan Arickx, Superintendent of Schools

Dan Arickx

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